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Are you searching for a coastal resort to get some rest or to be away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life after stressful working days? Maybe you want a lovely place to spend with your love ones or just  a little quiet spot for soul searching or desperately for an experience of “back to nature” ? Perhaps you want to stay a bit longer for scientific research?
The answer is here: River Ray Resort has its all.

Ben Cat Beach

River Ray Resort is only 1.30 minutes from HochiMinh City, 30 Minutes from Vung Tau, 15 minutes from Binh Chau’s Hot Water Srping and 5 minutes from Hotram Strip.

River Ray Resort retains its natural environment even after the development to build several beach villas along the beach and traditional wooden houses on the hill over looking the Ray river. There is km long of mangrove forest along Ray’s river, sand-dune,wild plants and orchids. It is a beautiful hidden place in Xuyen Moc (Baria Vung Tau). Birds such as king fish,storks, white tails squirrels, tiger butterflies …are now coming back to this place to feed and to nest.

RRR's Beach Villas

The  resort is located in a secluded area, it is a small piece of paradise on earth. Here you have clean beach, beautiful golden sand surround by green forest, river and sandy hill.

Rooms are spacious of minimum 40m2 with modern facilities, flat screen TV, Fridge,bath and even some rooms with extra shower,  lounge as well as kitchen for family prefer to prepare meals for themselves.

Restaurant serves Asian and European dishes, typical Vietnamese specialities such as springrolls is famous and fresh supplies of local sea foods or fresh water fish daily.

Choi La Bai Bien

Our Resort also offer you wedding plan or party of  up to 60 persons to dine indoor or 120 guests to dine out door. You could demand to have your guests be served inside the restaurant or  by the pool, on the lawn  as well as the beach-front veranda. We also provide 2 beach restaurants for (BYO) at minimal price to rent. Besides, there is a cantin for campers of up to hundred guests with its own kitchen and BBQ area.


Keen in some games or sports? River Ray Resort often organized local boat racing with prices as well there are kayaks to rent out for a minimal fee. We also give guests free entry to our crowded fish ponds to fish (free) with awarded prizes. Want to play a game of “bisac” on our green lawn or kite flying?

The best parts in our resort of course is the beach, the river, the forest. You can enjoy swimming in the ocean or in our crystal clean pool. You can catch your own fish or clams on the bank of our river or just walking along the promenade. River Ray Resort can provide guests with all these simple but wonderful relaxing time.

Hoa Phuong Doz

Conference room can accommodate up to 40 persons or we can arrange it in your own private villa and provide  table with 12 seats.

Don’t leave your pets at home, take them with you. It is a home a way from home and they will be happy to be with you at no extra charge.

Please visit our River Ray Resort. Our staff are no frill top class but honest and caring and thoughtful services with warmth and smiles. Should you need massage, we arrange to get professional service from the blind school, the masseur can come to your room with a small fee compare with other spa/massage salons.

Bien Ve Chieu

Please add our destination in your next wish list. We are here to welcome and to give your our best services.