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Internet access

Today the Internet is widely available throughout towns and cities in Vietnam. There is everything from trendy cybercafes to computer terminals in the lobbies of hotels and guesthouses, plus public Internet access in many Vietnamese post offices.


   The cost of Internet access generally ranges from 50d to 500d per minute, depending on where you are and what the competition is like. Printing usually costs around 1000d per page and scanning about 2000d a page.


If you're travelling with a notebook or hand-held computer, be aware that your modem may not work once you leave your home country. The safest option is to buy a reputable “global” modem before you leave home, or buy a local PC-card modem if you're spending an extended time in Vietnam. For more information on travelling with a portable computer, see  


Remember that the power supply voltage will vary from that at home, risking damage to your equipment. The best investment is a universal AC adapter, which will enable you to plug it in anywhere without frying the innards.

A major boon for laptop travellers is the recent debut of prepare Internet-access cards that can provide you with nationwide dial up to the Net. FPT ( IS- 08-821 4160; ) is one of Vietnam's largest ISPs, and its Internet card is sold in most cities.

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