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Travel Handbook

Vietnam has something for everyone - from the fleapit to the five star - and we cover them all. Most hotels in Vietnam quote prices in a mix of Vietnamese dong and US dollars.


It you are looking for action, Vietnam can increasingly deliver. Biking and hiking are taking, off up and down the country, while offshore there is kayaking and surfing above the water and diving and snorkelling beneath.

Business hours

Vietnamese people rise early and consider sleeping in to be a sure indication of illness.


Children get to have a good time in Vietnam, mainly becaof the overwhelming amount of attention they attract and the fact that almost everybody wants to play with them! 


The best way to tackle Vietnamese cuisine head on is to sign up for cooking course during your stay. For those who fall in love with the food, there is no better experience than re-creating the real recipes back home.

Dangers and annoyances

Just as you're about to dig into the scrumptious Vietnamese meal you've ordered, you feel a tug on your shirt sleeve. This latest "annoyance” is a bony, eight-year-old boy holding his three-year-old sister in his arms.

Disabled travellers

Vietnam is not the easiest of places for disabled travellers, despite the fact that many Vietnamese are disabled as a result of war injuries.

Embassies and Consulates

There are lists of Embassies and Consultates in Vietnam and abroad where you can apply for visa or got the information you need if you want to travel abroad.


Food and drink (part 1)

Vietnamese cuisine has become a favourite throughout the Western world and a journey through Vietnam is a gastronomic treat.

Festivals and Events

Major religious festivals in Vietnam have lunar dates; check against any Vietnamese calendar for the Gregorian dates. If you know when Tet kicks off, simply count from there.

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